SCC Moves Into New Shop

SCC has moved into a new shop in Sequim. 

This is big news for us. Not only is our shop big and beautiful, working from a new spacious central location offers many benefits for us.

The 2,200 square foot shop provides plenty of space for our tools and equipment. We also have elbow room to work on several projects at the same time. 

Having the space to catalog our equipment and inventory creates an effective organization system, which creates a smooth transition as we work through projects. 

Our workspace gives our team room to work on counter tops, concrete samples, Nikki Stones, and other projects not required to be completed on the job site. All done in reach of all the tools and equipment needed to complete the project. 

The shop is located across the street from Shawn and Sarah’s house. Shawn can now work concrete late into the night.

Best of all, our new shop eliminates many logistical and operational distractions and allows us to further focus on the quality and care of each project.